DeMaris Hardware Open for Business

Tyler DeMaris helps Tom Edgington, one of DeMaris Hardware’s first customers Wednesday morning, after the new St. Ansgar hardware store opened less than a week ahead of schedule on April 12. (EJ Photo/Alex Schmidt)

St. Ansgar’s newest business, DeMaris Hardware, opened their doors for business ahead of schedule this Wednesday as the finishing touches are being made to the completely renovated building.

Gracie, the friendly hardware store dog, keeps an eye on the merchandise in front of DeMaris Hardware’s new computerized paint mixing station. (EJ Photo/Alex Schmidt)

The store’s first customers were St. Ansgar City employees Lonnie Hillman and Justin Gooder, who said they were waiting to stock up on supplies until the newest local business opened their doors.

Tyler and Katie DeMaris purchased the store from Kyle Malmin in December, and have had a big undertaking since then; brand new lighting, ceiling tiles, shelving units, new walls, and a fresh coat of paint later, and DeMaris Hardware is open for business!

The store features a a state-of-the-art paint center, with a computerized paint matching system to find the ideal shade, as well as vinyl printing, live bait, hunting and fishing licenses, and an assortment of home, farm, automotive, and miscellaneous hardware items.

DeMaris Hardware opened for business in St. Ansgar Wednesday morning, after extensive renovations since early December. (EJ Photo/Alex Schmidt)

The store is a member of True Value Hardware Co-Operative and can be found on Facebook here: DeMaris Hardware. Be sure to stop on by to give a friendly welcome to the community for Tyler, Katie and family!

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