St. Ansgar Community School Holds Elections

The St. Ansgar School District will hold elections Tuesday September 12 to reelect directors to the Board and to extend and continue a physical plant and equipment tax levy (PPEL) on property within the school district.

Three seats on the St. Ansgar School Board are this year up for reelection, in District 3, District 4, District 5, and District 6. Bork currently serves as School Board President.

These seats are currently held by Donna Brumm, Michelle Mayer, Tara Bork and Lindsey Falk, respectively.

The only contested seat on the ballot is District #4, where incumbent director Michelle Mayer is facing retired schoolteacher Lowanna Hannam.

Please note the addition of South Square Community Center (Historic St. Ansgar School building) as a polling place.

Polls will be open from 12:00 to 8:00 PM Tuesday. Polling locations are:

Precinct 1: Carpenter Community Center— Carpenter

Precinct 2: Grafton Community Center— Grafton

Precinct 3: Stacyville Public Library— Stacyville

Precinct 4: South Square Community Center—St. Ansgar

A sample ballot can be viewed in the issue of the EJ dated September 2.

Stay tuned to and keep reading the EJ for more local election coverage and results as they come in.

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