Coffee comes to South Square

EJ Photo/Alex Schmidt

If something feels like it’s percolating in St. Ansgar, it’s probably all the talk about the newest venture to take shape at South Square Community Center; a coffee shop offering a wide variety of delicious blends of coffee and tasty homemade pastries.

The coffee shop hosted a tasting/open house party Tuesday evening to great success, as the building was bustling with folks looking to get a taste of the latest and greatest thing to take shape at South Square.

“It was a great turnout for the tasting,” says Julie Morische, manager of the shop.

Located in room 101 (which in the building’s previous life was home to a first grade classroom), the shop will offer cups of regular, decaf and specialty coffee, teas and cocoa, made with freshly ground beans locally roasted by Aroma’s in Charles City.

Those serious about their coffee can get their gourmet fix with a cup made using the pour over brewing method, where a slow and unique pour style brings out the best flavors of the beans, creating a made-to-order cup of gourmet coffee.

The menu is rounded out with made-from scratch pastries; scones, muffins, bagels and biscotti, that can all be enjoyed at South Square or taken to-go.

The classroom was converted a functioning cafe by the board of South Square Collective out of the desire for the community center to give back, filling a need for a social space with great coffee and great pastries to give a good start your morning.

The business will be an entity of the South Square Collective nonprofit, with all funds going straight back to the general upkeep fund of the project keeping the 90 year old building active as a community center.

The shop will be operated by Morische, who works at South Square already as the cook for the Cedar Summerstock Theater, and is familiar to most in St. Ansgar while working the meat/deli case at the Food Center. She’ll be assisted in operations by her son, along with a crew of the many recurring volunteers at South Square who have for months lent their hand to bring the room up to restaurant code.

The shop’s hours will be 6am-10am every morning except Thursday and Sunday, and will be open to the public beginning April 3. Be sure to stop by for a cup at South Square!

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