Age is only a number


Ej Photo/Travis Charlson

Age – it’s only a number.

That’s what I’m trying to convince myself since I turned 39 this weekend.  I can’t really say I’m in my mid 30s anymore! 

As I reflect on my 30s I’d have to say this has been my best decade yet.  Gave birth to our 3rd and last child at the age of 30 (thank goodness – no more pregnancies).  Lindsey and I have gotten to watch each of our kids grow and become their own unique little people. 

New parents: As the years go by, kids DO get easier, especially when they hit school (thank you teachers!). 

Easier does not mean cheaper…you trade diapers for athletic shoes, baby food for a fridge full of food to keep the growing kids full, and rattles for Fortnite v-Bucks.  But each stage brings its own new adventures that are both nerve wrecking and exciting for parents. 

Our life is full.  Full of love, craziness and a schedule that gets added to each and every day.  And I wouldn’t trade it. 

I think our family thrives on the daily rush of getting out the door just in time and headed to a different kids event each night. 

So as I live up my last year in my 30’s I plan to look optimistically into the future.  Looking forward to seeing what other adventures our family comes across in the next year and know that when I hit the big 4-0, age is only a number.

It’s about time I get to write something;)


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