Matthew Gilmore and Jadyn North sauntered across the gym floor, decked from head to toe in their western garb, bickering in a drawl seldom heard among Midwesterners. 

Nearly 275 audience members flanked the conniving protagonists on each side, bellied up to dinner tables, watching the show and waiting for the helping of spaghetti promised  to come with their tickets. 

Only about 100 people were expected at Friday’s showing, but the storm slated for the following day had subjugated their schedules, and so they showed up in number at what turned out to be their only chance to see the musical. For some of those serving in the kitchen, a mild panic set in. 

A ‘mild panic’ would have been a welcome feeling for the show’s director Colin Zidlicky. Many practices had been usurped by snow days, which meant Zidlicky had to compete with all of the school’s other clubs, sports, and after-school activities for each kid’s time and attention. 

So when the lights went down and the curtains rolled back, a few beads of nervous sweat began to form on his brow — tonight’s showing would also be his first time seeing the entire production from start to finish.

But these worries were for naught. The show went off without a hitch — cast members rattled off their lines. The pit orchestra hit their cues. No attendees went home hungry. The actors ad-libbed more than once, but did so perfectly and the audience was none the wiser. 

In all, the Music Supporters and the Drama Department raised $2,500 for themselves, and gave for themselves and the community a performance to look back on with pride. 


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