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It’s fun to listen and watch the kids discuss and plan their Halloween costumes, even if I’m not sure what they’re talking about.  I think they settled on Fortnite characters and something to do with SnapChat.

When I was little, I was very particular about what I was going to be for All Hallow’s Eve.  The first costume I remember was a not-so state of the art C3PO getup (the entire costume was thin rubber), and my sister had the same style Princess Leia outfit.  If you are old enough to remember those cheap costumes, you understand the facial cuts from the plastic masks and the missing clumps of hair from the rubber bands and staples used to fasten them to your face.


When “The Empire Strikes Back” came out in theaters, I insisted on being Yoda.  That costume also came in handy for our 5th grade music video to the “Weird Al” Yankovic song.  I always wanted to be Luke Skywalker, but for some reason it never worked out. 

I guess during high school it wasn’t cool to dress up for Halloween, but when I got to college, it was “game on”.  Part of the challenge of a great bar hopping costume is to make sure that your mouth and hands are accessible.  Anyone that has ever been a white sheeted ghost knows what I’m talking about.

The most comfortable costume I ever wore was Hugh Hefner in pajamas and a robe, while the least comfortable (and coldest) was the time I was a Hooter’s Girl.  For one party, Sommer and I painted ourselves blue and went to a party as Smurfs.  I think we used the wrong kind of paint.  The next year we went to the same get together as a flapper girl and gangster.  I actually liked wearing the fishnet panty hose.

Two years ago, I got a perm so I could be Richard Simmons for the Iowa State Halloween Tailgate.  I had short shorts and colorful tank top on, so I was often mistaken for Jackie Moon.  I didn’t really think ahead to the possible repercussions of my costume commitment.  The following weekend I endured the comical wrath of 16 rock crushing guys on our annual pheasant hunting trip.  That paled in comparison to the disappointment in my family’s eyes, as we took our scheduled family pictures with me in my ‘fro.


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