I received a letter from a subscriber asking to remind people to get their flu shots.  They stated that not doing so has numerous repercussions, including expenses for businesses in lost time and spreading sickness to others.  My family gets a flu shot every year, and I feel it is the responsible thing to do, and also keeps us from a pretty nasty time.

Now, if they could come up with a vaccine for the stomach flu, that would be great!  Whether it’s the annual flu shot, or dumb luck, I’ve never had the real flu.  But the other kind… plenty!

When I was about 5 years old, we took a family trip to Hawaii.  That’s about an 8 hour flight, but I remember it feeling a lot longer than that as my mom walked me back and forth between our seats and the bathroom the entire flight.  Maybe that’s why I have a phobia of flying.

In 2000, we travelled to Phoenix for Iowa State’s first bowl game in over 20 years.  I woke up that morning thinking I had a touch of the brown bottle flu.  Unfortunately, it was the real deal and I spent the next several hours up, down and around the porcelain throne.  It played itself out just before kickoff.  We weren’t able to go to the stadium, but the relief of being able to just hold a water down and watch the game on TV was enough to enjoy the rest of the trip.

I’ve babysat once in my life.  It was when we lived in Colorado and it was for a family that I was teaching ski lessons for.   About an hour after the parents left us to hit the slopes, the 3 year started getting sick.  Everywhere.  Out of both ends.  At first I thought it was the bologna and baked bean burritos I made them.  But after a few hours of holding him upside down over the bathtub I knew it must have been a bug.  By the time the folks returned, he was heathy and happy.  They weren’t.  They had to change rooms that night.

Yeah, the stomach flu sucks, but I’d rather be violently ill for a few hours than miserable for days or a week.  So I’ll keep getting that shot, and wait for the day that they make other.

I just felt my tummy growl.  I hope it’s a hunger rumble and nothing more!


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