Trevor Kittleson loves the grit and grind that comes with a season full of wrestling. Year in and year out since he was a little kid, Kittleson has been invested in the sport to make himself better on his way to a high school state title and as the years went on, he would help other wrestlers become better as well, and Kittleson recently has been voted as one of the best in the Nation to do that, being named the NWCA Regional Assistant Coach of the Year.

“It’s a pretty neat honor honestly because every head coach gets a vote and it’s kind of nice to know that all of your peers are seeing what’s going on and are giving you some credit for all of the work that we are putting in,” said Trevor Kittleson.  “I’m pretty grateful in that sense.”

That is just some of the excitement that Kittleson is enjoying right now. This past weekend, Loras College was in Roanoke, Virginia for the NCAA Division 3 National Wrestling Tournament. The Duhawks went in with 7 entries into the tournament, so the hope was that they could make some noise, and they did that and some. 

The Duhawks went on to have five All-Americans and fought their way to a 2nd place finish as a team, marking the school’s highest finish and first team trophy in the wrestling programs history.

“We took 7 qualifiers down and we knew we could do some damage with 7 guys,”said Kittleson. “Not everybody reached their individual goals but overall, we fought tooth and nails and every little point counted and it was a race for 2nd through 5th place really. It was neck and neck for those spots and it really was a battle but we were able to come out on top of those other teams at the end of the day. I’m absolutely ecstatic for it. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.”

Trevor Kittleson has had an eventful past few weeks in the world of wrestling. Kittleson was named the NWCA Regional Assistant Coach of the Year for the Loras Duhawk wrestling program. This past weekend, the Duhawks competed at the NCAA Division III National Wrestling Tournament and Kittleson helped coach his team to a 2nd place finish, their highest finish as a team ever and marking the first time Loras College won a team trophy in their programs history. EJ FILE PHOTO

The process to get to where Loras wrestling is didn’t happen overnight. It was a process just like anything else is. Loras Wrestlings Head Coach TJ Miller and Assistant Coach Kittleson really put some hard work into making the program a success, and the results are great! 

“When TJ and I took over, Loras was 2-13 in dual meets that year,” said Kittleson. “The program was in tough shape at that point. We just started hustling and working hard. The first year we ended up 6th in the nation and then last year we had a few setbacks which made us very motivated and hungry going into this season.” 

Loras finished this season with a 13-2 dual record. 

Now that the season is over, what’s next for Kittleson and the Duhawks?

“We’re going to try and enjoy this feeling for a little bit here,” said Kittleson. “You work really hard to get to something like this so to not enjoy it would kind of ruin it for us but at the same time, it’s a new day and there are new challenges ahead. We’re going to be getting on the recruiting trail and try and build off of this performance and take advantage of what we’ve done this year.” 


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