Sometimes, it’s the little things that we ought to be most thankful for.

And for middle school teacher, Connie Jenkins, it’s the unwavering help she and St. Ansgar gets from former teacher Beverly Mayer.

“Sometimes when you ask someone if they want to help, you’re really blessed with their generosity.” Jenkins said.

Mayer used to be a special education teacher for many years at St. Ansgar, but continues to volunteer her time by planning exercises and working with students during Jenkins’ class.

“I like the kids, I like math, and I enjoy coming in and working with them,” Mayer said. “We have a really nice group of teachers [at St. Ansgar]. They’re great to work with.”

Mayer is also a substitute teacher at St. Ansgar, but comes and helps the math class with lessons and tutoring when she’s not subbing for other teachers or doesn’t have something personal going on.

“[Mayer] has a really nice rapport with the kids,” said Connie Jenkins, who teaches middle school math. “They appreciate her help, which is half of reaching the kids and teaching them math.

“Just the positive attitude in the classroom helps. And the more help we can get, the better.”


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