St. Ansgar Mayor Keith Horgen urges area residents to remember that these things that are happening, including the closing down of parks and implementation of social distancing, are happening for the good of the community. 

Keith Horgen. Submitted Photo.

“Everyone should remember, you’re not in a hospital. You’re healthy. And the reason we’re doing is this because we want to stay healthy, and keep our families healthy.”

In a time when families can’t congregate to celebrate the Easter holiday and churches’ doors will remain shut, the mayor asks that the community continue to be diligent about social distancing. 

“We are at war with a virus,” he said. “The local people are doing fairly well at social distancing, but I’d still like to see better practice. Put that mask on to protect yourself and others. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a mask. Follow all the instructions, and love another. We will get through it.”


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