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I’m not a Packers Fan.  But I just became an enthusiast of the City of Green Bay and Lambeau Field!

Us and another couple got the chance to go to the Monday Night Football game last week, and it was an incredible experience.  A lot of that had to do with being able to spend a few days with some friends that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like, especially without kids.  Other than a few calls from home, with questions from grandmas and young ones, we were able to relax and take in some true Midwest Americana.  Butter burgers, cheese curds, and Spotted Cows were abundant in every establishment we frequented.  Same with Packers memorabilia and history.


We rented a house right across the road from the stadium, and were awakened Monday morning by a porta potty delivery truck from John’s Johns, whose slogan is “We are first in the turd race.”  Arriving at 7:00 am, they seem to be true to their mission.  Soon thereafter, the fence guys came to erect their steel perimeter.  We were told when we booked the house that there was a tailgate on the property, but we didn’t realize the scope of it until they started setting up.  The place is owned by a bar in Milwaukee, and shortly after noon, the charter busses started arriving. 

Two things were obvious shortly after the Cheeseheads joined the party: their all-inclusive package included beer on the ride over, and they are professional NFL fanatics.  We met some fun people, and got to watch various forms of dance that I was not aware existed.  After that, we were less self-conscious about practicing the art of “flossing”, hoping that by the end of the weekend we would be able to show our kids how to flawlessly perform the move.  There seemed to be moments of improvement, but all in all, I don’t think any of us had the guts to show our harsh young critics once we got home.

We got to watch the national anthem from the rooftop of the stadium, looking over the whole scene.  It was an incredible view, as long as I didn’t look down.  Towards the end of the game, it became impossible for us to avoid joining the chant of “GO PACK, GO.”  It almost felt natural, until Matt grounded us with his favorite comment of the weekend.

“Settle down Betsi.”


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