Photo: Ed Kleinwort and Stephanie Weis do their best to pose for the camera. Submitted.

Annual St. Ansgar Pancake Breakfast has another great turnout, serves nearly 900

The more pancakes you eat, the more lives you can save.

A strange idea, sure, but for the St. Ansgar Rescue, that happens to be the case.

The St. Ansgar Rescue is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer emergency medical responders, and serves the towns of St. Ansgar, Stacyville and surrounding area. Since they’re a non-profit, their budget is primarily driven by grants and fundraisers.

John Hemann flips flapjacks. EJ photo/Travis Charlson

Their biggest fundraiser of the year was held last week at the school, where volunteers served up heaps of flap jacks and other breakfast foods at their annual Pancake Breakfast.

Stephanie Weis is in her second year of organizing the event, and said the support over the years has been fantastic. Weis said that they saw an increase in rescue calls this year, and noticed how some of the families that they have helped over the years came to the fundraiser to show their thanks.

A few years ago, the record attendance was set at 803 served. But last year’s tally raised the bar, with 899 showing out to support St. Ansgar Rescue. This year was only 7 people short of matching last years, as the rescue volunteers had served 892 people when it was all said and done.

Almost 900 turned out to the fundraiser. EJ photo/Mike Denning


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