‘Party’ politics


As we try to create a more consistent and clean layout for the EJ, the size of our articles and submittals need to squeeze into a defined space.  My weekly article fits best at 400 words.  Sometimes that seems like too much, other times it doesn’t seem like enough.  What’s difficult to decide is what kind of message or story will I use this platform for.  I think a verse from The Avett Brothers, one of my favorite bands, sums up a lot of my philosophies: 

“When nothing is owed or deserved or expected,

And your life doesn’t change with the man that’s elected.

If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected.

Decide what to be and go be it.”

For the most part, I choose to write something positive, funny, and maybe even a touch motivational.  I hope that the deepest I need to get politically is to state that I will be voting for the candidates I support, regardless of party, and hope that you all do the same.  Some of the people I support will win, and some will not.  I will deal with it, just like almost everyone else. 

In 1996, I worked on the “Phil Gramm For President” campaign.  Well, sort of.  A friend of mine had an acquaintance on his committee, and recruited a bunch of us to set up a party the week before the Iowa Caucuses.  It was our area of expertise, after all, so the shindig was much more successful than his Presidential efforts.  During the event, I had a lengthy conversation with a gentleman about the upcoming election and other topics.  Near the end of the talk, I admitted that I was mostly there for the party.  He said the same.  As we parted ways, I finally introduced myself.  He said, “Nice to meet you Lindsey, I’m Phil Gramm.” 

Mr. Gramm was a member of the U. S. House as a Democrat, then served in the U. S. Senate as a Republican.  As we conversed, I couldn’t always tell which “side” he aligned to, and I admired that about him.  There is no party or person that I totally agree with, or totally disagree with.  When I’m watching professional sports on TV, I tend to find myself rooting against a team far more than rooting for a team.  Political opinions seem to mirror that mindset these days, and probably always have.  No matter what, make sure you go to the polls on November 6.


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