EJ Photo/Travis Charlson

The St. Ansgar Alumni cruised to victory in the 6 on 6 girls basketball all-school reunion game, squashing the current Saints basketball squad like a june bug at a picnic, 75-69.

The former St. Ansgar basketball stars took it easy on the youngsters for much of the game, but crushed their hopes of victory in overtime after a miraculous comeback in the fourth.

EJ photo/Travis Charlson

Lisa Kriener scored 8,742 points for the Alumni team, and helped lead the overtime comeback for the gang of former Saints stars. 

Tom Townsend led the old-timers to their victory, but instead of coaching he spent most of his time heckling the refs and passing out Geritol during timeouts.

“The press worked really well, then we started to shoot it within three seconds, didn’t matter if you were inside the three point line or not,” Townsend said. “Shoot it before you loose it.”

It was an entertaining game, from watching the former athletes of a wide range of classes compete to the younger girls struggling to play with 6 on 6 rules.

EJ photos/Travis Charlson

The game was fairly competitive for a friendly mid-summer pick up game (one player actually broke her finger). But then again, this is St. Ansgar, and neither team wanted to take it easy on the other. 

Once a Saint, always a Saint.

EJ Photo/Travis Charlson


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