Over 100 veterans and community members packed into the St. Ansgar Legion Saturday to celebrate quite the birthday. 

Legion Post 358 was established 100 years ago in 2019, and  since that day it has become a source of pride and magnanimity for the St. Ansgar community. 

“This is our goal for our god, our country, and the American Legion programs—the joy of giving and the joy of sharing,” Gary Robertson said.

Retired Master Sgt. Ken Knutson, Air Force, was the guest speaker, recounting his experiences and the lessons he learned during his service. 

Retired Master Sgt. Ken Knutson was the guest speakerEJ Photo/Travis Charlson

Harold Kratz was given the first piece of cake, once again, for being the oldest member present, while Mitchell Cole was next up as the youngest. 

Jon Koster also unveiled a cool new project the legion is starting, which aims to highlight the remarkable veterans from St. Ansgar. 

“We discovered St. Ansgar has a lot of really cool stories,” Koster said. “We hear a lot of stories from veterans, but a lot of them are not really remembered very well.”

Jon Koster reveals a portrait of St. Ansgar Medal of Honor winner Arthur Beyer, drawn by St. Ansgar high schooler Sophie Merten. EJ Photo/Travis Charlson

They’re creating videos that tell these stories, and the first one was unveiled Saturday. Featured was Arthur Beyer,  St. Ansgar’s only Medal of Honor winner. 

A wall inside the legion will display these videos, where they can be viewed with a QR code. 

Through various fundraisers held throughout the year, the Legion is continually helping out the local community and especially veterans organizations. Towards the end of the program, Post Commander Chris Krahenbuhl rattled off a long list of names of young new service members tied to the Legion — making it evident that Post 358 has a jump start on making the next century as good as the last.


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