The City of St. Ansgar and St. Ansgar Economic Development Corporation teamed to coordinate a Downtown Walk Around Visit on October 23rd 2018.  The Walk Around is a quick, on-site study of the downtown, including state program recommendations and a written summary that will help St. Ansgar with its planning efforts in the coming months and years.

Jim Engle, Director of the Iowa Downtown Resource Center, led the visit.

“The Assessment Visit is a great way for a community to take a step back and get honest feedback from a qualified team of downtown professionals,” Engle said.  “The two-person team highlights the downtown’s strengths and challenges, and offers practical recommendations that the community can implement over time.”


Of timely importance, the Community Catalyst Building Remediation program was identified as a good fit for our Main Street businesses.  This state program is intended to provide a spark to a Main Street property that has a positive impact on adjacent property and businesses.

The City of St Ansgar is requesting any interested party contact City Hall for more information.  For the current year program, the deadline for application is November 7th, 2018.  For the 2019 program, the deadline for application is November 2019.

The program gives out over a million dollars each year, and grants are available up to $100,000. Forty percent of those funds are awarded to cities with populations below 1,500.


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